Sangklarburi 03-09-2016: Floathouse Wijittra replaces elephant trekking excursion with ranger-led jungle trekking in light of global campaigns around animal welfare

Animal welfare and the treatment of animals in connection with touristic activities have become a growing concern for the Western world. Sadly, these concerns are often justified. Asian countries especially have been in found to exploit elephants, tigers or bears for the entertainment of tourists.

Fortunately, though, many operators today make animal welfare a priority. Our Lake Safari Thailand tour has included an elephant trekking excursion since we started the tour, and we have never had reason to assume any maltreatment of these gentle giants by their owners.

It is important to us, however, to ensure that our products do not contain activities with potentially negative effects on animals or people. For this reasons, we have decided to replace the elephant trekking excursion in the Lake Safari Thailand itinerary with a jungle trekking experience inviting our guests to get close to nature just like they used to.

This decision also means other parts of the tour will change and we encourage our guests and customers to get to know the new itinerary here.

All changes are effective as of July 1, 2016. Guests with existing bookings will be contacted directly.