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Sangklaburi 03/09/2016: Floathouse Wijittra announces new itinerary and lower prices for its Lake Safari Thailand tour.

At Floathouse Wijittra, our customers’ feedback is very important to us. That’s because our small, family-run business depends entirely on the satisfaction of our guests. Word-of-mouth and happy customers recommending us to their friends, family, colleagues or neighbours, have kept us afloat as a business.

During the past year, we went through the many comments, ideas and suggestions our guests have submitted. The result is a new and improved itinerary for Lake Safari Thailand – one that emulates the travel experience the majority of our guests are looking for and aligns with the sentiments of our time.

We especially listened to one request which we’ve heard again and again through the years: “we want more time on the houseboat”!

As a direct result of this feedback, the new Lake Safari Thailand itinerary – see complete version here – comes with greater focus on activities on and around the houseboat.

At the same time, we decided to discontinue our elephant trekking excursion. While our suppliers took good care of their elephants, we are moving with the times and taking this opportunity to again listen not just to our guests. But also a increasing audience of Western travellers and institutions that are concerned about the welfare and treatment of elephants in captivity. Read the full background in our press release here.

More time on the houseboat means more time for and with each other: to relax, fish or swim, kayak a little or jump off our diving tower. It means more time for a good read and a cold drink, for the taste of Thailand, for oneself.

The new itinerary also invites our guests to experience nature up close, as they trek through the jungle with a local ranger. We continue to visit Sangklaburi with its temples and pagodas, Thailand’s longest wooden bridge, and the many different tribes that make up its population. We also continue to introduce our guests to the history of the region through visits to the River Kwai Bridge and the Hell Fire Pass museum.

Lake Safari Thailand is still all-inclusive. Transportation, activities, excursions, accommodation and meals are always part of the package – and now for an even better price.

Adjusting the itinerary led so some savings for us which we want to pass on directly to our guests and customers. See the new prices and read more about them here.

We look forwards to seeing you on board the houseboat – welcome to Lake Safari Thailand!