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Booking, availability, price etc. (5)

When is your high-season?

We have six months of high-season every year from January-March, June and November-December. If you are planning to take the tour during the high-season, we recommend you book as soon as possible.

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Can we charter the boat so we have it for ourselves?

Yes, it is possible to charter the houseboat. Contact us through our booking page or telephone to find out about prices and departure dates. We recommend that you book early to be sure there are no other bookings yet for the date you have in mind.

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How long in advance should I book?

In order to secure a seat on our tour, we recommend you book as soon as you have made up your mind. Usually, our customers book their Lake Safari 3-5 months in advance. If you are planning to go on the tour during our high-season from January-March, July and November-December, we recommend you book as soon as possible.

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When and how do I pay?

Along with your booking confirmation, you will receive an invoice over the full price of your booking. Both the booking confirmation and invoice are sent as PDFs to you. The invoiced amount is payable within 8 days to our bank account in Thailand either by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Bank details are provided on the invoice.

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How often/when does the tour take place?

The tour starts every Tuesday and ends on Friday. During the high-season (Jan-Mar, July, Nov-Dec) we offer additional tours from Friday to Monday, subject to demand.

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Preparation at home (2)

Are specific vaccinations required?

The kinds of vaccinations you need are dependent on which ones you already have and which other areas of Thailand you are planning to visit. In general, we recommend you seek medical advice on travel vaccinations. More information is available at vaccines.gov. If you are in doubt, however, please contact your physician.

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How much luggage can we bring?

We allow 1 piece of luggage per customer. For extra luggage, we have to charge 1,000 THB per piece due to the limited space in our minibus (and the resulting need to hire extra transportation for extra luggage).

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Aboard the houseboat (3)

Can we get allergy-friendly food on board?

We will take requests for allergy-friendly food into consideration, as long as these were placed along with the booking. Of course, you are also allowed to bring your own food on board.

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Is it possible for children to get extra bed in the parents’ room?

Yes, we can provide space for a maximum of two children (max age of 11 years) on an extra mattress in their parents’ room.

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Is Lake Safari Thailand safe for children?

We often have both children and infants on board – and it works very well. We have life vests in different sizes and there is a railing around the boat. Of course, as everywhere else, the final responsibility for the child rests with the parent(s).

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